Butynol - the versatile waterproofing product

  • Butynol is an ideal waterproofing product. It can be used on roofs, decks and gutters. Particular benefits are its longevity and that there is now an option of using an adhesive that is environmentally friendly.
  • Butynol is the perfect choice for flat roofs as it is able to be installed on flat areas (iron roofing needs a 2 degree pitch or greater).
  • Butynol can be used as an alternative to iron gutters too, as the material will not corrode if water is sitting on it for a long period of time, whereas iron will eventually corrode if water is continually sitting in it.

Any Angle Roofing are licensed Butynol applicators

Our Butynol supplier is Ardex. Colour available are black and dove grey.
Butynol application is a specialised field, therefore ensure you have a licensed Butynol applicator do your job.

From Butynol roofing to Butynol repairs - contact the experts for information and a Butynol quote today!