New roofs, reroofing, roof repairs & maintenance

For all your new roofing, reroofing and roofing repairs, contact the professionals at Any Angle Roofing. We offer straight-up advice and free roofing quotes.

As well as keeping the site tidy throughout the project, we clear all rubbish away when we're finished.

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Experienced at residential, commercial and farm building roofing

Whether you are installing a new roof or needing to reroof, Any Angle Roofing has the experienced roofing team to do the job.

As a trusted name in the roofing industry,Any Angle Roofing is your first choice for residential, commercial and farm building roofing and reroofing jobs in the Waikato, Waipa and King Country areas. We also work alongside professional local builders on many renovations and new building projects.

Specialising in Zincalume and Colorsteel roofing

Colour steel roofing is designed for New Zealand's weather conditions so while being durable and functional it looks fantastic! Colour steel colours have been formulated so you can either choose to blend in with the environment or make a bold statement.

Colorsteel Endura is ideal for most homes and is available in 26 colour steel roof colours. Colorsteel Maxx is best for  coastal homes and other environmentally extreme areas and has 12 great colour choices. Zincalume is ideal as a cheaper residential roofing option or for commercial roofing - if maintained it can last a long time.

Available in a variety of profiles, including the traditional corrugated roofing style, Colorsteel and Zincalume roofs are the No 1 roof choice for New Zealanders.

Talk to us too about the many options for using Colorsteel cladding and Zincalume cladding!

Get the experts in when your roof needs replacing

No matter what style of roof you have, or what condition it's in, we will do an efficient and cost effective reroofing job for you. Using either Colorsteel or Zincalume steel roofing will ensure you have a stylish and durable roof for many enjoyable years.

While reroofing we can:

  • fix any broken or rotten purlins
  • add or replace insulation in your ceiling cavity
  • replace gutters with either Colorsteel guttering or PVC spouting
  • add or replace rainwater systems, and PVC or metal downpipes

Roof repairs and maintenance

Leaky roof? Nails coming loose on your roof?

For all roof repairs and maintenance, contact us! Our experienced roofers can fix leaks and rescrew roofs (replace nails with screws) and will also assess your roof and give professional advice about whether it may be more cost effective for you to replace the roof instead of repair. We can also assess the state of your gutters and downpipes.

5 year warranty of workmanship in new roofs...

As well as our fantastic 5 year warranty on workmanship on new roofs, you will get the Colorsteel or Zincalume manufacturer's warranties.